I was recently lucky enough to go to Hauturu-o-Toi (Little Barrier island) to participate in a weeding conservation programme through DoC for 2 weeks. This wonderful island is a nature sanctuary in the outer Hauraki gulf. It is not able to be accessed without permission and is run by DoC rangers. The island is pest free and is home to many native New Zealand species that are no longer seen on the mainland. Birdlife such as Kokako, Tieke (saddleback), Kaka, petrels and the Kakapo are thriving here. Tuatara are supported to breed on the island and live close to the main DoC house so that you stroll past them each morning to carry out the day's activity. 

I aim to complete a series of drawings documenting the island's bird and plant life, showing the interaction between bird and bush in what would have been their natural habitat before pests and deforestation began to occur on the mainland. 

I have so far completed 4 drawings and have at least 2 more to go ...